Who are we?

the birth

Salut started as a quest for a personal yacht. However, no perfect match was found. Perfection can not be touched, but one can try to reach it. No yacht was perfect enough for us, so we gave it a shot of our own. 
– Salut was born

The process

the river to perfection

A Salut starts as a dream. But to realise this dream, complicated processes must take place.


A Salut is born when premium alloy aluminum sheets are formed in the unprecedented Salut lines. A process that is rough yet delicate at the same time. Heavy machinery is used to cut and shape the aluminum, though grace is requisite to make sure the Salut ends as sharp as possible.

Sharpness, is a word that implies the next process, the paint and filler phase. The delicassy in the previous process provides the opportunity to use only a small amount of filler, a Salut does not require a lot of make-up. The paint applied is of the highest grade available, thus a mirror like surface is attained. 

salut spuiter

Between the last phase and an enjoyable piece of art, is the assembly of the hardware. Hardware is carefully chosen with the customers dream in mind.