Luxurious, handmade, aluminium day-boats

“Life is too short to eat dessert last”


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SAlut 29

extraordinary on its own, unique among others

Five minutes.

That’s all you need to discover what the Salut 29 is all about. She enables you to explore a city slow-paced, gets you from A to B in every condition and gives you an adrenaline rush on demand. The Salut 29, all you need and more.

SAlut 29CC

The open bow version of an award winning design

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With a total capacity of 12 people, the Salut 29CC is ready to entertain all your friends and family. The centre console layout provides an easy walkthrough with plenty of lounge space both in the bow and the stern.

SAlut 38

LUXury and performance, united by design

Minimalistic in Design, Big in Experience

The Salut 38 delivers all the luxury and comfort you need to enjoy a weekend on the water with friends and family. 

An outdoor kitchen, a lavish sundeck and a cabin inviting you in with unprecedented natural lighting.
The Salut 38 combines the amenities of a cabin yacht with the freedom of an open day-boat.

An eyecatcher

The journey

There is always a Salut available for a sea trial,
currently this Salut is located in:

Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Salut aspires to achieve the highest standards of quality. It is our mission to exceed expectations. Every Salut starts as a customers dream, and ends as an enjoyable piece of art.

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